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Straight and forceful debt recovery in the entire Poland, call us!

phone. 501 676 800

We has been set up for clients, who want fast and forceful degt recovery.

Fast contact:

Phone. 501 676 800

Debt Recovery:

Brukowa 6/8
91 - 341 Lodz

Our partners:
 »  Kancelaria Prawna P. Grzelka
& Wspólnicy
 »  Kancelaria Prawna Adwokata
Tomasza Barańskiego


PROFIT INKASSO has been set up in 2001 year to meet client's expectations, who were not satisfied from big corporate companies existing in debt recovery sector.

We have emerged for clients, who count on fast, determined operation basing on direct contact with debtor.

Straight and efficient - without advance payments. We invite for familiarization with our offer firm and for contact. We accept no entrance fee, we do not send ultimate invocations for payment.

Profit Inkasso is serious competitor in sector of debt receivables.

I f you have any troubles in debt recovery from your clients, we are able to help you. \r\n\r\n

Protection of your money is our mission. The best way to achieve it is the simplest way.

And such way we propose:
» We don't accept any entrance fees
» Our commission we collect after recovering bad debt.
» Recovered money go on your bank account or to cash desk of your company.
» We act unconventionally, but according to law. From there our efficiency.
» We go for court reluctantly and that is why 95% of all cases we handle through definitive negotiations
space with debtor.
» If however, the debt recovery will require engagement of court and obtainment of precept of payment,
space PROFIT INKASSO will engage lawyers for this target.
» We do not send invocations for payment, we always contact with debtor personally in his seat within
space Polish territory.
» You don't incur any risk. If we won't be able to recover your debt and you will not decide on judicial
space procedure, all the costs of attendance (fuel, phone calls, time), will be covered by PROFIT INKASSO.

Teraz wszystko zależy od tego czy chcecie dłużej czekać na swoje pieniądze. Jeśli Wasza cierpliwość się wyczerpała to prosimy o kontakt, umówimy się na spotkanie. Skuteczna windykacja należności - to nasze motto!
PROFIT INKASSO: 501 676 800,